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Ultrasonic Drilling Monitor for Construction TS-K100CW(C)

  The TS-K100CW(C) Ultrasonic Borehole and Trench Monitor is a state-of-the-art instrument designed for the inspection of drilled shafts and continuous wall trenches in construction projects. This stainless steel, wireless model features a probe lifting NC winch and a main control tablet, providing a seamless and efficient operation.

  The device is primarily utilized for the detection of hole diameter, depth, verticality, collapse expansion position, and inclination direction of drilled shafts and continuous wall trenches. It also assesses the expansion effect of pile caps, pile bases, and measures the thickness of sediment.

Main Applications:

  1. Drilled Shaft Inspection: The device is extensively used for inspecting holed piles, which are a critical component in deep foundation construction. It measures the hole diameter, verticality, and any potential deviations that may occur during the drilling process. This ensures that the piles meet the required structural standards and are safe for subsequent construction activities.

  2. Underground Diaphragm Wall Evaluation: In the construction of underground structures such as metro station or retaining walls, the TS-K100CW(C) is employed to evaluate the quality of continuous walls. It assesses the trench width, verticality, and checks for any signs of collapse or deformation that could compromise the structural integrity of the wall.

  3. Quality Control of Expanded Base Piles: For pile foundations that have been expanded at the base to increase their load-bearing capacity, the TS-K100CW(C) provides a means to inspect the effectiveness of the expansion. It measures the hole diameter and checks for any irregularities that might affect the pile’s performance.

  4. Sediment Thickness Monitoring: During construction projects where drilling is done through layers of sediment, the TS-K100CW(C) can be used to monitor the thickness of the sediment layer. This is crucial for determining the stability of the foundation and for ensuring that the construction process does not lead to unintended consequences.

  5. Construction Site Guidance: The real-time data provided by the TS-K100CW(C) can guide on-site construction activities by offering immediate feedback on the condition of the holes and trenches. This allows for adjustments to be made promptly, reducing the risk of costly rework and ensuring that the construction process proceeds efficiently.

  6. Post-Construction Analysis: After the construction is complete, the TS-K100CW(C) can be used to perform final inspections to confirm that the structures meet the design specifications and to provide documentation for future reference or regulatory compliance.


  1. Precision and Accuracy: The device is designed to provide highly accurate measurements of hole and trench dimensions, including diameter, verticality, and sediment thickness. The use of high-frequency ultrasonic waves ensures that the test results are reliable and consistent, which is essential for maintaining the structural integrity of foundations and underground walls.

  2. Portability and Ease of Use: With its compact and lightweight design, the TS-K100CW(C) is easy to transport and set up at various construction sites. The wireless operation of the winch further enhances its portability, allowing for greater flexibility and ease of use in both dry and wet drilling conditions.

  3. Advanced Data Management: The integrated software system of the TS-K100CW(C) offers powerful data management capabilities, including real-time data analysis, on-site printing, and cloud synchronization. This allows for efficient organization and sharing of test results, which is crucial for project stakeholders to make informed decisions and ensure compliance with quality standards.

  4. Versatility and Adaptability: The device is capable of adapting to various hole sizes and drilling conditions, from small diameter holes to large diameter piles and trenches. Its ability to switch seamlessly between dry and mud-filled holes makes it suitable for a wide range of construction projects and geotechnical investigations.

  5. User-Friendly Interface: The TS-K100CW(C) features an intuitive control interface with a touchscreen display, making it user-friendly and accessible to operators with varying levels of technical expertise. The system’s straightforward operation reduces the potential for errors and enhances the overall efficiency of the testing process.

  6. Robustness and Durability: The equipment is built to withstand the harsh conditions typically encountered at construction sites. Its robust construction ensures long-term reliability and minimal maintenance requirements, providing a cost-effective solution for quality assurance in construction projects.

  7. Environmental Adaptability: The TS-K100CW(C) is designed to operate effectively in a variety of environmental conditions, with an operating temperature range that allows it to be used in both cold and hot climates. This adaptability ensures that construction projects can proceed without delay, regardless of weather conditions.

Technical Introduction:

  1. Ultrasonic Frequency: The device operates at a high-frequency of 90kHz, which allows for precise and detailed imaging of the hole and trench walls, ensuring accurate measurement of dimensions and detection of any irregularities.

  2. Detection Range: The detection capabilities of the TS-K100CW(C) cover a wide range of hole and trench widths, from 400mm to 8000mm, making it suitable for a variety of construction projects, including large diameter piles and continuous walls.

  3. Depth Resolution and Accuracy: The device offers a depth resolution of ≤0.1mm and a depth error of ≤0.1%, ensuring high precision in measuring the depth of holes and trenches. The detection depth is standard at 100 meters, with customization options available to meet specific project requirements.

  4. Power Supply: The system is designed to be highly adaptable, with a power supply mode that can be connected to a control box or an external power source. This flexibility allows the device to be used in various environments, including remote locations without easy access to power.

  5. Sediment Thickness Measurement: The TS-K100CW(C) is capable of detecting sediment thickness with an accuracy of ≤1mm, which is crucial for assessing the stability and safety of the construction site.

  6. Mud Requirements: The device can operate in mud with a specific gravity up to 1.4g/cm3, viscosity ≤25S, and silt content ≤4%, ensuring its functionality in diverse drilling conditions.

  7. Environmental Operating Temperature: The TS-K100CW(C) is built to withstand a range of operating temperatures from -20°C to 50°C, making it suitable for use in various climates and weather conditions.

  8. Probe Specifications: The multifunctional integrated probe is designed to perform multiple functions, including ultrasonic aperture perpendicularity detection and sediment thickness detection. It is equipped with a tilt sensor and a pressure sensor to ensure accurate sediment thickness measurements.

  9. Control Box and Software: The control box features a 12.1-inch true color LCD screen with adjustable backlight, a high-performance low-power embedded dual-core processor, and a Linux-based operating system. The analysis software provides a comprehensive set of tools for data interpretation, report generation, and result management.

  10. Physical Dimensions and Weight: The device’s compact design and weight (varying depending on the component) facilitate easy transportation and handling on construction sites.

Robust Design and Portability

Designed with a compact and lightweight winch, facilitating easy transportation and maneuverability at various construction sites. Its robust construction allows it to withstand the rigors of on-site use, while its wireless operation eliminates the need for cumbersome power cables, enhancing its adaptability to different testing environments

 Seamless Transition Between Dry and Mud Conditions

  Capable of adapting to both dry and mud-filled holes, offering a versatile solution for a range of geological conditions. This adaptability ensures consistent and reliable testing results, regardless of the hole conditions, and reduces the need for multiple testing devices.

High-Resolution Ultrasonic Imaging

Utilizing state-of-the-art ultrasonic imaging technology, the TS-K100CW(C) delivers high-definition visualization of hole and trench walls, ensuring accurate detection of hole diameter, verticality, and any potential anomalies such as collapse expansion or shrinkage. This level of precision is essential for maintaining structural integrity and optimizing construction processes

 Advanced Data Management and Real-Time Analysis

  Equipped with an intuitive control box and tablet PC, the system provides comprehensive data management and real-time analysis capabilities. The integrated software offers powerful functions for data interpretation, including automatic calibration, 2D-3D visualization, and generation of detailed reports.

Drilling Monitor TS-K100CW(C)
Drilling Monitor TS-K100CW(C)

Wide Application

Highly adaptable for a wide range of geotechnical applications, providing consistent and reliable results in diverse subsurface environments.

1Sediment Thickness Detector TS-K100CZ(A)

Precise sediment readings with low error margins

The probe is small in diameter and can reach the hard rock stratum at the bottom of the pile.The probe has a built-in inclination sensor to ensure that the probe is upright.

1Sediment Thickness Detector TS-K100CZ(A)

Comprehensive and easily interpretable data outcomes

real-time graphical representation of depth pressure curves and inclination metrics, facilitating straightforward identification of sediment thickness.

1Sediment Thickness Detector TS-K100CZ(A)

Main Applications:

  1.  Sediment Thickness Gauging: The TS-K100CZ(A) is adept at measuring the depth sediment accumulation within holes and trenches.


  1. Universal Compatibility: Designed for use with all types of holes and grooves, irrespective of the medium’s properties within them.
  2. Advanced Sensor Technology: The probe is equipped with a pressure-tilt angle sensor, ensuring high precision in results.
  3. Exceptional Accuracy: The system is engineered for high detection precision, with the capability to measure sediment thickness with an accuracy down to 0.1mm.
  4. Instantaneous Data Visualization: Real-time display of the pressure-tilt angle curve and probe extension length allows for immediate and intuitive interpretation of test outcomes.

Technical Introduction:

  1. Comprehensive Application Scope: The TS-K100CZ(A) is versatile, suitable for sediment thickness detection across various hole and trench configurations, unaffected by the subterranean medium’s characteristics.

  2. Optimized Measurement Precision: With a minimal influence from external factors, the device boasts high accuracy in measurement. The slender probe design facilitates reaching the bedrock at the hole’s base, while the probe’s tray ensures stable contact with the sediment surface. The integrated angle sensor maintains the probe’s vertical alignment, resulting in sediment thickness measurements with an accuracy of up to 0.1mm.

  3. Real-Time Data Visualization: The TS-K100CZ(A) provides an intuitive display of the pressure-tilt angle curve and the probe’s extension length, enabling immediate and precise determination of sediment depth.